2. Macoda Mattress (Editors Choice)

Macoda mattress

Honestly, we love the Macoda mattress. The brand is not as popular (yet) as the other ‘bed in a box’ manufacturers, but its excellent reviews and features make it a great mattress to consider.

This mattress targets back pain with targeted pressure relief to conforming to your body and help align the spine. Then, five-zone pocket springs target different parts of your body, meaning more support for where you need it. Furthermore, the edge support will keep you in the right position and stop the edges from dipping—making it perfect for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Next, let's examine the comfort layer. This mattress is unique because you can switch the top comfort layers by unzipping and flipping the two inserts. This means you can make it soft, medium and firm in a couple of minutes.

A layer of latex and a layer of memory foam with thousands of cooling gel beads work together to ensure you don't overheat. 

A plush bamboo cover surrounds everything, wicking moisture away to keep you and your mattress feeling fresh. Also, it is highly breathable, super soft, and environmentally friendly

The polyurethane foams are CertiPUR-US certified, and the bamboo quilting is Okeo-Tex certified. Which means they are free from any harmful chemicals. 

You get a 100-night trial to see if the mattress is right for you. But with the quality materials and adjust firmness, we think it’s an excellent solution for sleepers with back pain.

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3. Emma Original


The only other none hybrid on our list, and there’s a reason it made the cut. It’s designed and made in Germany and sold in 17 countries! As you can imagine, they have been perfecting this mattress which you can see throughout the three-layered mattress, giving you a more comfortable sleep experience regardless of your sleeping style.

The top layer is an eco-friendly foam that's good for the environment and your sleep. You won't overheat with this foam since it wicks moisture away.

The middle layer has seven zones to ensure you have support in the areas where you need it most. As a result, this high resilience foam evenly distributes pressure across your mattress and adapts effortlessly to different parts of your body. Designed to keep you comfortable no matter how you sleep. Making it excellent for shoulder, neck, and back relief. 

This mattress has a point-elastic base, a durable and comfortable material that provides counter-pressure for your lower back, and it is easy to move on the mattress without disturbing your partner.

You get a 100 night sleep trial to test if this will do the job and they often have a new customer sale making it the most affordable option on the list.

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4. Eva mattress

Eva mattress

Eva is a hybrid mattress combining springs, latex, gel, and high-density foams. The Eva mattress is thicker than most brands, and the extra cushion and pressure relief is fantastic. This mattress is a great over mattress...

... In fact, it won 'Best Overall' Mattress in Box for 2019. Eva is ideal for people who want the contour of foam, but enjoy the bounce of coil designs.

Summing it up, Eva is a great 'all-rounder' offering superb value for money and support for your back. It's one of the thickest mattresses in Australia measuring at 31 cm. However it's not just the thickness of the mattress that provides support its the great materials used.

Eva has a no-strings-attached return and refund policy with 120 night trial period.

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5. Sleeping Duck mattress

One of the most expensive mattresses on the market because of the high-quality materials used. Sleeping Duck has six layers and two different comfort levels available medium and firm. You can also adjust the foam layers for the personalised perfect night's sleep.

Sleeping Duck was recently awarded the top mattress in independent testing by CHOICE. If money isn't an option, then Sleeping Duck is one of the best mattresses on the market. We think the price is worth the great nights sleep you'll have on this bed.

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