Emma Mattress Review


March 8, 2022

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In our Emma mattress review, we cover why it's the most awarded mattress in Europe and how it stacks up coming to Australia. Emma mattresses have won over 30 awards, you can find them in 20 different countries with over 400,000 people sleeping on them. The three-foam structure made up of responsive foam, memory foam, and high-density polyfoam offering a medium-firm feel 6/10 great for side sleepers and people who prefer foam mattress.

What other people say - 4.4/5 from over 9151 reviews

How We Review

Our comprehensive Emma mattress review we find customers in Europe and Australia who have purchased the mattress to get real unbiased reviews and unique perspectives on – the firmness, sleep quality, partner disturbance, and more. We have also researched the other mattresses like in our Emma Comfort review that we take into account. However, after reading the Emma review, you will know if the mattress is right for you.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Most awarded mattress in Europe
  • Minimal partner disturbance
  • 10 year warranty
  • 7-Zone pressure-relief
  • OEKO-TEX® certified


  • New to the Australian market
  • Firmer than most memory foams (some people don't like that)

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"The mattress is very supportive and takes adjusting to if you have not slept on a firmer mattress. It is great for anyone with spinal injuries or back pain. That is why I had purchased it. I have enjoyed my sleep. I find as it becomes colder during the night, you can feel the cold from underneath the mattress which makes you cold. It does warm up fairly quickly when you get into bed if you don't use an electric blanket. The mattress has retained its shape and firmness. We have had it for 3 months now." Emma Original Review - Victoria

What the Emma mattress made from?

The Emma Original mattress is an all-foam mattress engineered in Germany over several years. Starting from the top layer and working our way down it goes breathable eco-friendly foam, Pressure-relieving, 7 zone foam, Supportive point-elastic foam, all encased by a Climate-regulating and elastic cover to allow maximum airflow.

Breathable eco-friendly foam - Great for those hot Australian summer nights this breathable top layer wicks moisture away from your body to stop you from overheating. The foam gives a responsive bounce to the mattress as well as being eco-friendly and free from harmful materials and chemicals.

Pressure-relieving, 7 zone foam -  The tried and tested 7 zone foam that has developed over several years provides unparalleled pressure relief, effortlessly adapting to your body. The unique circle spaces in the bed (see in the photos) keep you comfortable however way you sleep and reduce partner disturbance.

Supportive point-elastic foam - The base layer supports the mattress adding firmness for moving the bed around and essential counter pressure to support your lower back and body. The elastic foam reduces movement travelling through the mattress, making sure you don't wake up your partner or them waking you up.


The Cover - Encasing the Emma original mattress is a climate regulating elastic cover. The cover is well ventilated, letting your mattress breathe and has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities for a better nights sleep. Also, the cover fits snugly around the mattress with convenient side handles to move the mattress into place. As a bonus, the cover comes with anti-slip elements stopping the bed moving in the night and is machine washable.

Emma foam pillow

Emma Foam Pillow Review - You’ll be surprised at the difference a premium pillow makes. Emma’s foam pillow has a no-shift design, meaning the pillow keeps its form and loftiness, allowing supreme comfortability. This is because of the ZeroGravity foam, HRX supreme foam, and Airgocell® foam enclosed in the UltraDry cover.

With its superior cushioning and soft surface, it can be used by all sleepers and positions without sacrificing neck support and comfort. Lastly, the foams are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and it’s washable. Click the image to check it out.

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What the Emma mattress like to sleep on?

To sleep on the bed, you feel the pressure-relieving effects of the memory foam, which hugs and embraces your body. However, it's firmer than a standard memory foam bed (in my opinion), and can take a few nights to get used too. This can be a plus or negative for different people. Personally, I find great not getting the sinking feeling and having a bit of pushback. 

Edge support –  You get an excellent performance across the entire sleeping surface of the mattress, with no extra dip when you get closer to the edge.

Firmness – I think the bed is surprisingly firm for an all-foam mattress, but you still feel the hugging effects of the memory foam, so it's an outstanding balance. Overall, it's around a medium firmness (6.5/10).

Partner disturbance – The Emma mattress has excellent motion isolation, meaning you won't wake your partner up in the night or them wake you up. One of the best benefits of a memory foam mattress... Other than the support.

Thickness and Weight

The Emma Original mattress is an all-foam mattress, so it does weigh less than a traditional spring mattress, but how does it compare to other foam mattresses? The Emma queen-sized mattress weighs in at 28kgs which is excellent compared to the Koala mattress 34kgs and the 624 mattress 32kgs; this makes it more comfortable moving the bed into place (especially if you have to take it upstairs).

Below we made a table of every Emma Original mattress so that you can check the weight and thickness of each bed.



188 x 92 x 25cm

17 (kg)

King Single

203 x 107 x 25cm

19 (kg)




188 x 138 x 25cm

26 (kg)

203 x 153 x 25cm

29 (kg)

203 x 183 x 25cm

35 (kg)

How much does it cost?

In our Emma mattress review, we have found the pricing to be competitive. Queen-sized foam mattresses cost around the $1000 mark with Koala costing $1,050 and Sommuto $949. You can find the table of prices below. Make sure you check the Claim Deal button to see the latest Emma mattress deals.




King single



$749  $490

$849  $555

$999  $653

$1,099  $719

$1,199  $784


"After looking around at other memory foam mattresses we decided to purchase an Emma, this turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made as it has helped with back pain. We can also move around and do not disturb each other. Being able to remove the cover to wash it is a great option." Emma Original Review - Mark

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10 Year Warranty
100 Night Risk Free Trial
Free Delivery and Returns
Removable Washable Cover
Most Awarded mattress in Europe

How to set up the Emma Original

As with other mattress in a box companies, the Emma mattress can be purchased online, and it will arrive at your door in a box. Thankfully setting it up is just as easy:

  1. Open the box next to where you will use the mattress
  2. Unravel the mattress on base/floor/frame
  3. Cut open the plastic wrap, don’t nip your bed!
  4. The mattress will expand in the next 5-10 minutes
  5. Allow the mattress to air out for a few hours
  6. Add the cover sheet
  7. Place a mattress topper for added comfort
  8. Add your pillows and duvet, you’re done
  9. Enjoy your new mattress

Note: your new mattress will be ready to sleep on after a few hours of opening, but we recommend waiting 12-24 hours to allow it to decompress fully.

Is the Emma Original mattress right for you?

The bed is excellent for anyone wanting superior quality in foam design made to relieve pressure and minimise partner disturbance while providing a medium feel (6/10).

If you are worried about the quality of an all-foam mattress, the Emma Original mattress has been tried and tested in Europe with multiple awards won (in fact the most awarded mattress in Europe). If that doesn't cut it, they offer a 10-year warranty, 100 Night Risk Free Trial, and Free Delivery and Returns.

Is the Emma mattress good for back pain? Many sleepers find the 7 zone support to relieve the pressure of backpain. However, if you are heavier, you might want to try a firmer mattress.

If you have babies or toddlers, the Emma mattress is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - Class 1 certified on all of its layers - meaning it's eco-friendly and free from harmful substances.

Overall, we think many Australians will be upgrading their mattress to an Emma Original mattress because of the bed's great night's sleep. Emma has just released a new hybrid mattress if you are uncertain about getting a memory foam mattress. See the Emma Diamond review.

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