Single Australian bed sizes

Australian single bed dimensions are 92 centimetres wide by 188 centimetres long. Singles are sometimes referred to as a twin mattress, but they have the same dimensions.

The average Australian is 208cm, which is 20 centimetres longer than the single bed. If you're an adult consider getting a king single or a bigger bed.

Single size mattresses are ideal for a child, teenager, or small adult. The dimensions of the bed make it perfect for smaller rooms, studio apartments, bunk beds, and more petite guest rooms.

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King single bed dimensions are 107 centimetres by 204 centimetres which is 15 centimetres wider and 16 centimetres longer than a standard single bed.

The extra centimetres make a massive difference in comfort, keeping your toes hanging off the end of the bed.

Not to worry if you have a single bed frame, most king single mattresses should fit, but check the sizes in case. King single beds are excellent for sleepers who need more length than a single while saving space in your bedroom.

King singles are common for guest rooms or smaller rooms giving your visitors comfort without sacrificing space.

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Double Australian bed size

Double bed dimensions are 138 centimetres wide by 188 centimetres long. Which is 46 centimetres wider than a single size mattress, giving you the extra room for two people. They are the same length as a single size bed which can be too short for some adults.

Yet, the extra width provides solo sleepers to the ability to stretch out.

If you're a couple, it could be a better option to get a queen-sized bed. Because sharing a double-sized mattress with two adults only gives you 69 centimetres of personal space which is less than a single sized bed.

Double beds are perfect for individuals wanting extra room, older children and guests.

Children and teenagers have growth spurts and grow quickly, so choosing a double bed instead of a single bed will prevent replacing the mattress in a few years.

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Queen mattress dimensions are 153 centimetres by 204 centimetres. Making it 15 centimetres wider and 16 centimetres longer than a double bed.

Queen size beds are the most popular sized bed in Australia. With most homes having a queen-sized mattress in the bedroom, it also doesn't feel out of place as in a guest room.

Queen mattresses are spacious enough for two people and great for solo sleepers who love the extra room to sleep.

The Queen sized dimensions are 16cm longer than double beds, so tall individuals can sleep without hanging their feet off the bed.

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King size bed dimensions are 183 centimetres by 204 centimetres, giving you an additional 30 centimetres of space over the queen-sized bed.

King-sized mattresses are the same length as the queen. However, the extra width is great for two people sharing the bed.

Make sure you check the dimensions of your bedroom to make sure your king fits in the room and through any doors. King-sized beds are very awkward when you have to carry them up stairwells and sharp corners.

Luckily, the mattress in a box brands have a solution with the compact packaging and free shipping.

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Super king Australian bed size

Super-king mattress dimensions are 204 centimetres by 204 centimetres, making it the largest bed available in Australia. The super king is 21 centimetres wider than a king, offering plenty of personal space for couples.

Sleeping on a super-king mattress, you'll sometimes forget your sharing a bed because each adult gets 102cm of space to themselves. The dimensions of the bed give the mattress a square shape, which can be a cool look for a large bedroom.

A lot of mattress companies don't offer the super king-size so make sure you check the mattress companies before ordering.

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