Hugo mattress

Hugo is an all-foam 4 layers mattress, the top layer is a natural latex which gives a nice bounce to the bed, as a bonus latex is naturally hypoallergenic which means it's great for stopping allergies and dust mites.

The other layers are memory foam, transition foam, high-density foam. This makes the Hugo not to firm and not too soft with great motion isolation from the memory foams but retaining a bounce from the top latex comfort layer.

Hugo has same-day delivery in the Melbourne metro area and very quick delivery to the rest of Australia.

Sommuto mattress

Sommuto is a multi-layered foam mattress that uses hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly materials. The top comfort layer MEMair Breeze™ has all the benefits of memory foam but with the addition of the ultra breathability design which negates all the drawback of memory foam getting too hot.

The Sommuto mattress is owned, created, and manufactured exclusively in Australia.