2. Soul Mate mattress (best alternative)

Here's an alternative pick. The main reason you might prefer a hybrid mattress over a foam mattress is because of the feel, well the Soul Mate combines both styles for something exceptional. 

This premium mattress has 5 Zoned adaptive foam springs that react to your body's movements without compromising the zero disturbance® tech. That means you won’t notice your partner moving around in their sleep, but you still get the bounce of springs.  

For more information check out the link below. 

3. Noa mattress (best value)

Noa offers above-average support because of the hybrid design. It's ideal for sleepers that can't choose between foam or spring design and don't want the sinking feeling from foam.

Noa is gaining a lot of popularity in Australia and is a clear winner for the best value mattress with the current deal of $300 off.

Although a newcomer on the marker Noa has outstanding reviews and recently won Best 'Back Support' Mattress in a Box for 2019. The price of Noa mattress is also very competitive and has excellent customer support.

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4. Macoda Mattress (editors choice)

Honestly, we love the Macoda mattress. The brands not as popular (yet) as the other bed in a box companies but the features and excellent reviews make it a great bed to consider when looking for a new mattress.

Macoda has won Australia's "Best Comfort" Mattress in a Box two years in a row and here's why, their hybrid design has advanced foams and pocket springs to give it support and bounce. The layers are interchangeable to fit your sleeping style, offering a medium (5/10) to a medium-firm feel (6.5/10).

Two Australians made the Macoda in 2018, and they made it too high standards with all our polyurethane foams being Certi-PUR-US certified, and the other materials used being to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The bed also has Australians climate in mind with advanced cooling gel inserts.

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5. Eva mattress (best allrounder)

Eva is a hybrid mattress combining springs, latex, gel, and high-density foams. The Eva mattress is thicker than most brands, and the extra cushion and pressure relief is fantastic. This mattress is a great over mattress...

...In fact it won 'Best Overall' Mattress in Box for 2019. Eva is ideal for people who want the contour of foam, but enjoy the bounce of coil designs.

Summing it up, Eva is a great 'all-rounder' and offers superb value for money.

Eva has a no-strings-attached return and refund policy with 125 night trial period.

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6. Origin mattress (best newcomer)

Originally designed in Germany, Origin mattresses are constructed in Malaysia but use Japanese materials too. Their design and materials make them a good choice for sleepers in Australia and surrounding countries. We tested the mattress out and it is a good one! 

Since its inception in 2018, ORIGIN has sold over 70,000 mattresses to satisfied customers from around the world.

Additionally, it comes with a free 120-day return, a free delivery, and an impressive 15-year warranty.

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7. Sleeping Duck mattress (customisable firmness)

One of the most expensive mattresses on the market because of the high-quality materials used. Sleeping Duck has six layers and two different comfort levels available medium and firm. You can also adjust the foam layers for the personalised perfect night's sleep.

Sleeping Duck was recently awarded the top mattress in independent testing by CHOICE. If money isn't an option, then Sleeping Duck is one of the best mattresses on the market. We think the price is worth the great nights sleep you'll have on this bed.

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How we made our pocket spring mattress choices

We made our choices based on the Australian mattress market and ranked the mattress on customer feedback and reviews, features, risk-free trial length, prices, design, and more. We used our Australia mattress review section and looked into other independent sources.

We split our choices and ranked them in different sections that you'll find below. Everyone is individual, and mattress are too, you might prefer a firmer, softer, bouncier, lighter, mattress. That's why we made our choices unique for differing reasons.

Why get a pocket spring mattress

As you're probably aware, not all mattresses are the same! And there are plenty of different types of springs mattress like micro spring, pocket springs, and various combinations of hybrid mattresses. Spring mattresses tend to have more support, more bounce and a firmer feel compared to an all-foam mattress.

A pocket spring mattress tends to be cooler than an all memory foam mattress because of the increased airflow and breathability. However, you will find the most mattresses design to be a hybrid bed, meaning the top layer will be memory foam or latex, and the middle layers to include springs, this is because of the pressure-relieving abilities of foam which is also great if you want a bed for back pain! All of these factors, combined with other features is why people choose a spring mattress design.

What hybrid mattress in a box is best?

Their cant be an overall winner that I would say pick this one because everyone is different and will prefer different mattresses, there's a lot of factors to consider like does it match your size, sleeping preference, partner disturbance, etc.

Mattresses are as individual as you are. Luckily, there are many choices online. The problem is finding a mattress to fit you. But from we have found and read the Noa and Macoda seem to be a lot of peoples favourites.

You will find great warranties and trial periods for every mattress listed, many companies give a three month trial period to reduce the risk of picking a new bed.

What is a hybrid mattress and why pick one

Spring mattresses are generally combined with foam making them a hybrid giving you the best of both worlds. Pocket springs and micro springs give you extra support and bounce then combined with foam to provide you with a soft hug and comfort.

Hybrid design brands are typically more expensive and heavier because of the spring element. The hybrid mattress have the springs as a foundation base with foam layer above, which can be latex, memory, or high-density foams. The design means they tend to have a firmer feel to the mattress and not as soft as an all-foam mattress.

Two drawbacks to hybrid designs are they can develop squeaks over time and don't offer as much partner disturbance. However, with all-foam mattresses, sleepers can find the mattress is too soft, hugs too much and is much hotter than a spring design.