HappySleep Mattress Review


June 20, 2022

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In our HappySleep mattress review, we cover the excellent spinal support of the aerated natural latex, memory foam, and high-density support foam. This combination gives the mattress a medium-firm feel 7/10 and offers minimal partner disturbance.

What other people say - 5/5 from 35 reviews

How We Review

In our HappySleep mattress review, we did a comprehensive analysis looking at customer feedback as well as independent reviews. We cover facts, price, shipping, trial period, shipping, materials, and much more. We stay unbiased to give the best possible review, and by the end, you'll have a great understanding if the HappySleep mattress is for you.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • 100 night free trial period
  • Hypoallergenic Latex
  • Minimal partner disturbance


  • Not many reviews
  • Fairly unknown brand

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"Fast delivery. Was incredibly easy to set up. Just open the box and cut the plastic off with supplied tool. Inflates within minutes and just in time for a quick nap. Im so glad I made this purchase. I was a bit reluctant to buy a mattress online without trying it first but their 100 night sleep trial enticed me to give it a go. We've had the mattress for 6 months and it's still just as good as the day we bought it! I have been recommending this mattress to all!" Damsie - HappySleep Mattress Review

What's the HappySleep mattress made from?

The HappySleep mattress is constructed with three comfort layers starting from the top layer and working our way down it goes aerated natural latex, memory foam layer, high-density support base layer, all encased by a Tencel cover to allow maximum airflow.

Aerated natural latex - Latex is a great top layer for any mattress this layer is durable, great for allergies, and responds actively to body pressure. HappySleeps latex has a high quality pinhole design to allow maximum airflow and keep you cool at night.

Memory foam - The memory foam gives minimal partner disturbance by evenly distributing body weight and is chemically odour free. Memory foam also provides great spinal support when combined with the other two materials that make up the bed.

High-density support - The high-density foam gives the durability to the mattress and provides the stable firmer feel sleeping surface.

HappySleep mattress layers

The Cover - For maximum airflow to the foam mattress, the cover is made from Tencel fabric which is OekoTex certified, meaning its free from harmful chemicals. Tencel consists of natural wood pulp, making it durable, soft to touch and breathable.

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How much does the HappySleep mattress weigh?

The HappySleep mattress is slightly lighter than most of the other mattress in a box brands. Although we couldn't find the exact weight for the queen size and double-sized mattress. We would say it's in line with the other mattress weights judging from the single and king-sized. This makes moving the mattress easier when in its packaging.



188 x 92 x 25cm

15 (kg)

King Single

203 x 106 x 25cm

20 (kg)




188 x 137 x 25cm


203 x 153 x 25cm


203 x 183 x 25cm

35 (kg)

How much does the HappySleep mattress cost?

HappySleep is very competitively priced in the mattress in a box market. You can see the price of HappySleep mattress below, and if you click on the deal, it will go to their website you get an extra $300 off talk about value for money.




King single









"The mattress is so comfortable! It’s extremely supportive and I’m having the best sleeps I’ve had in years. It’s also great when sleeping with a partner as you don’t feel a lot of movement.It was fun and so easy to set up.It’s been super durable!" Rachel M - HappySleep Mattress Review

HappySleep coupon

Deal: Save $300 on your new HappySleep mattress

HappySleep mattress bonus

  • Risk Free 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery

Is the HappySleep mattress right for you?

HappySleep is great for most people looking for an all-foam with a medium-firm feel. It’s not the most popular mattress on the market,and you can find cheaper mattresses, but from the reviews and all information about the mattress, everyone seems to love it.

Is HappySleep good for back pain? Combining foam layers is great for supporting your back while you sleep. Most people will find it comfortable but some people could find it too firm for their back and if that is the case you can return it before 100 days. It’s best to get a mattress for back pain, if that’s your main concern. 

The delivery process is simple, it arrives in a box and being a foam mattress it’s compatitly light. We still do recommend having somebody to help you too. HappySleep offers next day delivery to people in the Melbourne metro area and fast shipping across Australia.

Overall, It’s a good mattress with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial. However, there might be better options if you check out our Koala mattress review, we cover that they offer free delivery in  4 hours to metro areas and the mattress comes with a longer trial period.

HappySleep coupon

Deal: Save $300 on your new HappySleep mattress