Dusk And Dawn Signature Review


January 12, 2022

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A good night's sleep is the ultimate reward after a long and tiring day.

We understand how you just can't wait to hit the bed as soon as dinner time is over! But it requires more than just, well, closing your eyes. Without the right mattress, your sleep will be far from satisfactory.

Our search for a comfortable mattress led us to the Signature mattress, like the premiere mattress from Dusk and Dawn. Honestly, we hadn't really heard a lot about it, so we fell back on the customer reviews.

The positive feedback compelled us to review it, and we decided to share the experience with our readers. So, dive in!

Dusk And Dawn Signature Review


Now, before we take you through the details of its constructions and benefits, here's a quick round-up of the main features that this Dusk and Dawn Signature mattress has to offer:

  • ISO Coil 5 Zone Pocket Spring System
  • Comfort-stretch fabric
  • Eco air comfort technology
  • Available in different sizes and comfort levels



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • Backed by 100-day comfort guarantee
  • Australian-made and GECA-certified
  • Graphite memory foam technology
  • Wool and silk-blend for better insulating properties


  • One of the most expensive mattresses in Australia (but you can see why)
  • It's very heavy

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What's The Mattress Made From?

1. Cover

The cover of this mattress is made from a quality comfort stretch premium fabric - extremely soft-to-the-touch and highly breathable. In tandem with a 3D mesh gusset, it facilitates maximum airflow to keep the surface cool, especially during the warmer months.

Looks-wise, the upper part of the cover is white while the sides are black. This classic colour combination does well to render a luxurious and modern look to the mattress.

2. Silk Blend Quilt Layer

As opposed to only wool, the wool and silk blend makes for a more luxurious material that sits just below the cover, as a comfort layer. In this regard, Signature uses only certified locally sourced Australian wool, which has excellent thermo regulation properties.

Hence, this layer will keep you adequately warm in winters and cool in summers. It's also worth noting that the material is treated with Virase textile cleaning technology that makes the fabric serve as an anti-bacterial guard.

3. Eco Foam Layer

The next layer is the eco-foam layer that reinforces breathability and keeps the surface cool to regulate your body heat at night.

4. Italian Graphite Memory Foam Layer

Infused with natural graphite, this layer utilises highly breathable comfort foam to help with pressure relief. Plus, its anti-bacterial properties aid a hygienic sleep environment. Beneath this is another foam layer that connects it to the other layers. And rest assured that the brand only uses GECA certified comfort foams.

5. Coil Spring Layers

The mini coil spring layer employs special five support zones that provide firm support to the sleeper's body contours. Additionally, there's a layer of regular independent pocket springs that keeps the mattress surface from transferring movement-related disturbance.

6. Power Edge Support

Lastly, a power edge support box encases the whole mattress to form a durable base and provide optimum edge support.

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How Does The Mattress Feel To Sleep On?

For starters, we'd say this high-end mattress provides the right amount of support and comfort through its durable structure to retain its shape even with prolonged use.

Besides, it features an independently encased pocket coil system that ensures maximum body contouring, thereby relieving your pressure points of pain and stress. It's designed to target five different zones across the surface to provide total body support.

We were pretty surprised to see that despite having a fine and luxurious fabric covering its surface, the mattress doesn't interfere with the "hold" on offer. This is partly because the coils minimise partner disturbance so that you can firmly lay on top.

They also ensure efficient airflow between the comfort foam layers, which reinforces the essential surface support.

Here, we should mention that the build employs Italian-made Graph-Tek, which infuses natural graphite minerals in the superior memory foam layer. This makes for a highly breathable and anti-microbial sleeping environment by allowing efficient airflow for a hygienic sleep experience.

And if you're a hot sleeper, you'd be glad to know that the brand employs an eco-air technology, which ensures optimal temperature regulation. Simply put, it cools down your body temperature to offer the ultimate sleeping experience.

The entire mattress support system is held in place by a foam encasement system. This creates maximum surface support, no matter your sleeping style. Moreover, you can get it in different sizes and comfort levels to suit specific sleep preferences.

Mattress Weight And Thickness

As we have already mentioned, this Signature mattress comes in different sizes. Hence, we have listed the different dimensions to give you a better idea of what to pick.

Furthermore, buyers can choose among two comfort types, viz., comfy medium (5-6 on the firmness scale) and firm support (7-8 on the firmness scale). While the former allows your hips and shoulders to sink in a little, the latter is more suitable for sleepers who prefer firmer support.



92 x 188 x 38 cm


King Single

107 x 203 cm x 38 cm





137 x 188 x 38 cm

58 kg

153 x 203 x 38 cm

60 kg

183 x 203 x 38 cm

65 kg

How Much Does This Mattress Cost?

Irrespective of the comfort type you opt for, here's a quick price summary of the variants:

Currently, the brand ships for free in metro areas across the country, and a flat shipping fee of $150 applies for regional areas. Apart from that, it offers a 100-day comfort guarantee, where unsatisfied buyers can contact customer service to get the firmness of their mattress fixed for free.




King single



$2,749  $2,199

$3,049  $2,499

$3,149  $2,599

$3,249  $2,699

$3,549  $2,999


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Final Verdict

That brings us to the end of our review-based guide on the Dusk and Dawn Signature Mattress.

If you're still wondering if it's worth considering, then we'd say a big yes! Its durable construction offers optimum support for almost all sleepers, no matter their preferred sleeping position.  

And with the size variants, the brand ensures that it meets the requirements of all its buyers. Plus, the 100-day comfort guarantee will allow you to make alterations to the firmness.

On that note, we will sign off. See you next time!

Dusk And Dawn Signature Coupon

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