Getting eight hours of undisturbed sleep is essential for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. 

Of course, lack of sleep does hinder job performance, but did you know that it can have a negative impact on your health too? So, if you lie awake till 3 AM because of debilitating back or joint aches, it’s high time to upgrade your mattress. And that’s when soft mattresses enter the picture. 

As such, there’s a whole raft of brands supplying mattresses on the market, which makes choosing one a daunting task. And that’s why we tried and tested a few popular options and shortlisted five top-notch mattresses that tick off all the boxes, including comfort and support. 

So, sit back and relax as we let out the five best soft mattresses in Australia that you can invest in to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Let’s dive in, then! 

5 Best Soft Mattress In Australia

1. Delta Sleep Mattress

Though a newcomer in the Australian mattress-in-a-box market, Delta Sleep Mattress from the house of Calming Blankets doesn’t fall short of providing us with comfort and support. Built with Adaptive Comfort Technology, it holds your body gently and provides adequate support to the joints so you don’t wake up feeling stiff and achy in the morning. And if you share the bed with  someone, you’ll love it because of its zero partner disturbance feature. 

Thanks to its Intellicool Technology, it promises excellent breathability and airflow. Hence, it dissipates excess body heat during hot nights so that you can have a cold and comfortable sleeping environment. Adding to that is a breathable Tencel cover that is plush, moisture-wicking and highly breathable. And the best part? The mattress has responsibly sourced materials, making it excellent for both your health and the environment. 


We would have appreciated it more if the mattress featured holding straps for easy mobility. 


Its firmness level makes it the best mattress to try since it is neither too squishy nor too hard. Overall, we’d say that it spares no effort to soothe achy joints by contouring to your natural body shape, so you can never go wrong with this mattress.

2. Premiere

The Dusk and Dawn Premiere Mattress is packed with seven innovative layers to deliver a luxurious sleeping experience. It comes in six sizes for you to find the one catering to your preference. Starting with its construction, the brand uses GECA health certified foams and boasts premium Australian wools, so your allergies aren’t triggered during sleep. Moreover, its independently encased pocket coil system provides better body support and minimises partner disturbance. 

Unlike memory foam mattresses, it offers outstanding edge support, meaning your child won’t roll off the bed at night. While the brand offers its mattress in three comfort levels, the plush one is our favourite because it cradles the body while providing ample support for a restful sleep. That’s not all; you get 100 nights to try this hybrid mattress and decide if it successfully meets your needs. 


The brand doesn’t offer free shipping in regional areas, so check the rates while ordering. 


Stuffed with premium fabrics, it delivers the right amount of support to all sleepers, thereby eliminating backaches and neck pains. On top of that, its natural Aussie wool acts as a perfect insulator to keep you warm during winters and cool during summers.

3. Emma Comfort Mattress

Looking for a mattress that doesn’t require spending a fortune? Then check out this Emma Comfort Mattress, which spares no effort to ensure you sleep well throughout the night. Despite featuring only three layers, it offers outstanding support and comfort to the sleepers, and that’s why it has garnered many positive reviews. The bottom-most layer is HRX foam that ensures proper shoulder, hip and spinal alignment. 

Atop lies the Airgocell layer, which minimises motion transfer, so you won’t feel a thing when your partner moves. And thanks to the moisture-wicking properties, you won’t have to worry about moisture accumulation. To top it off, a fresh air comfort cover embraces the two layers of the mattress and prevents them from sliding. Also, it controls humidity and keeps moisture at bay, so you can rest assured that you won’t wake up drenched in sweat. 


Heavy sleepers may not benefit from it as its cushiony layers don’t have proper edge support.


Available in five sizes, it’s a fan favourite mattress because of its unrivalled cooling properties and 100-night trial period. Despite having an affordable price tag, it doesn’t compromise on performance and is awarded as the Top Scoring Mattress 2021 by CHOICE.

4. The Koala Mattress

Not sure whether you should go for a medium-firm or a firm mattress? That’s where The Koala Mattress comes to the rescue with its adjustable firmness levels, so you can flip it as and when needed. Whether you opt for a king single or a queen-sized mattress, it has got you covered with its various dimensions. Thanks to the TENCEL Lyocell fibre, it wicks moisture away and keeps your body cool. 

And if you’re disturbed by the tossing and turning of your partner at night, consider bringing it home because it is equipped with zero disturbance technology. This means you can sleep like a log without being woken by the movements made by your partner. What’s more, its anti-bacterial treatment prevents the growth of dust mites and other bacteria, so you can sleep in a hygienic environment. 


This mattress may not be the right choice if you’re looking for high support to relieve stress on pressure points. 


CertiPUR-US and GECA-certified, this Koala Mattress offers unparalleled comfort and support to sleepers. Plus, it is backed by a 120-night trial period which means you can try it for up to three months and keep it or return it accordingly.

5. Onebed Mattress

If you’re hunting for a good memory foam mattress that will let you enjoy deep sleep, the Onebed Original mattress is worth considering. Long single, king single, double, queen - no matter which size you’re looking for, the brand offers mattresses in multiple dimensions. Furthermore, its four layers work together to provide sleepers with the support and comfort they need to doze off to their dreamland. 

And the best part is that you can customise the firmness of the mattress by simply adjusting the layers in a jiffy. Moreover, it features a blend of memory and latex foam that reduces motion transfer which makes it an excellent option for couples. Last but not least, it boasts a highly breathable foam that ensures superior airflow so that you will remain cool throughout the night. 


This mattress doesn’t come with handles, making it challenging to move it from place to place. 


With temperature regulation, zero motion transfer and customisable comfort, the Onebed mattress is the best memory foam mattress you can bring home. To top it off, you get a 125-night trial and 15-year warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality of the mattress.


1. What Is Mattress Firmness?

Believe it or not, firmness plays a crucial role in determining the performance of a mattress, and it’s important to choose the right one based on your needs. That’s because the firmness you choose can make or break the sleep quality and affect your overall well-being.

However, one thing we’d like to emphasise is that firmness is subjective- what may appear luxurious to someone else may be downright uncomfortable to you. That’s why when you’re shopping for mattresses, you shouldn’t rely on others’ advice. Instead, you should go for the one that suits your sleeping style and pattern to avoid regretting later. 

Speaking of modern mattresses, they are usually rated medium-firm because they are deemed the most comfortable mattress for all types of sleepers. Not only that, but they are also recommended by health organisations for a host of benefits they offer. 

For instance, memory foam mattresses have a “softer feel” and are considered best for relieving back pain because they contour to your body and provide pressure relief.

Basically, mattress firmness refers to how firm or soft the mattress appears when you sit or lie on it. Since choosing mattress firmness is tricky, the mattress industry scores its beds on a scale of 1 to 10. While a softer mattress is scored 1/10, the medium-firm one is rated 6.5/10 and the firmest is 10/10. 

2. How To Choose A Mattress Firmness? 

Of course, not everyone is well-versed with mattress firmness, which makes it challenging for people to choose the right one for their needs. As a result, many people end up buying a wrong mattress that worsens their back and joint pain. 

So, let’s hop on to discuss the firmness levels of the mattress, so you can decide the right one for your needs. 

A. Soft

If a mattress score lands between 3 and 5, it falls in the “extra soft” category because it is incredibly plush and provides the least amount of support. As a result, you’ll sink into the mattress and it wouldn’t do much to improve spinal alignment. 

However, it closely contours to the body, which may be beneficial for side sleepers or those in need of extra comfort. 

B. Medium-Firm

If you prefer neither too soft nor too firm a mattress, a medium-firm mattress is ideal for your needs. It can deliver the right blend of contouring comfort and support to ensure a peaceful slumber for you. 

Generally, a medium-firm mattress falls between the 5 and 7 range on the firmness scale, which makes it ideal for all types of sleepers. Not only does it provide excellent contouring to the body, but it also offers a sufficient amount of push-back. 

C. Firm

Scoring between 7 and 10 on the firmness scale, a firm mattress offers outstanding support, which means you’re less likely to sink into it. Besides offering excellent spinal support, it ensures superb breathability so that sleepers will remain cool during the night. 

We’d recommend you opt for a firm mattress only if you are a back, stomach or heavy sleeper. 

3. What Is The Difference Between An Innerspring And A Pocket Spring Mattress?

When springs are individually encased and inserted beneath the memory foam or latex and padding of a mattress, it is known as a pocket spring system. So if you’re looking for a mattress that contours to the body, a pocket spring mattress will be your best bet. 

On the other hand, a mattress boasting a network of interconnected coils as the basic support structure is regarded as a traditional innerspring system. 

Although both provide excellent support, a pocket spring mattress offers better pressure relief to sleepers, as the coils are designed to move independently beneath the pressure and bodyweight. So, if you’re a victim of back pain, going for a pocket spring mattress will be a wise decision. 

Surely, it isn’t easy on the pockets, but you wouldn’t regret shelling out a few extra bucks for getting one home. 


If you’re in search of a good night’s sleep, investing in a high-quality mattress that is suited to your sleeping needs is the need of the hour. 

Needless to say, soft mattresses aren’t too firm, which means they may come in handy for muscle and joint aches, meaning you won’t wake up achy in the morning. Gel-infused memory foam, pocket springs, latex mattress - you name it, and the market has it. 

With that, we’ve reached the end of our review-based guide and covered some of the best mattresses in Australia. But before we sign off, we’d like to reiterate our top picks. 

The Delta Sleep Mattress is our topmost recommendation because of the comfort and support it provides. However, if you’re looking for an affordable mattress, the Emma Comfort Mattress will fit the bill. 

And that’s it for today. Hopefully, you’ve found your perfect new mattress for a peaceful slumber. Nighty-night!