A sofa and bed in one? What a fantastic furniture idea.

Except, most sofa beds on the market are neither stylish nor comfy to sleep on. You would know that if you have been on a family holiday — only to be relegated to the guest room or spare room to sleep on a dusty, old pull-out sofa bed.

And as the cheap middle bar or bulky frames stick out and poke your tailbone throughout the night, you can’t help but fantasise about the comfy double bed at home. Indeed, most of us have been there, and some might even say that sofa beds have caused more casualties than your average natural disaster.

Nevertheless, we are here today to bust the myth about sofa beds and redeem their reputation. That said, we admit that most sofa beds are generally pretty uncomfortable. However, by looking in the right places, you can surely find chic, contemporary, and comfortable pieces that deserve more than collecting dust in the guest room.

Without further ado, here’s our top selection of the best sofa beds for a good night’s sleep.

7 Best Sofa Beds In Australia

1. Brosa Stockholm Sofa Bed - Best Value Sofa Bed

Sporting the clean and sophisticated design characteristic of Scandinavian furniture is the Brosa Stockholm Sofa Bed. True to its Nordic-inspired style, this contemporary sofa bed has an understated design and a ton of functionality.

First off, this sofa bed is available in two classic colours — Storm Grey and Dark Gull Grey. Needless to say, the muted and neutral colours, combined with the restrained design, seamlessly fit in with all kinds of interiors.

Furthermore, this sturdy piece stands on clear lacquer solid birch legs and is made from 100% light and durable polyester. Considering how the fabric is highly stain-resistant, you can now enjoy your TV snacks without worrying about spilling in case you doze off on the comfy sofa bed.

Nevertheless, in case of any accidents, use a damp cloth for spot cleaning stains. A vacuum cleaner on the low-suction mode will do the job for popcorn and dust that fall into crevices.

Coming to the ergonomics, the foam seat cushions provide this sleeper sofa with a firm hold, and fall on the “supportive” level on the Brosa softness scale.

As for the design, interested buyers can head on to the official website and view the sofa bed features in 3-D real-time before deciding. Anyhow, most of the positive customer reviews have expressed the accuracy of the pictures and product information provided by the company.

That said, Brosa’s selling factor is perhaps their stellar customer care team and prompt delivery services — the affordable price tag adds the cherry on top.

  • Affordable sofa bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Classic Scandinavian-inspired design
  • Excellent customer care service
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Single sofa bed with less capacity

2. Delta Children ‎208220W-5059 - Best Sofa Bed For Kids

This marshmallow-like pink sofa bed for kids looks and feels like a cloud. Just as chic furnishings brighten up other rooms in the house, this piece is sure to make an adorable addition to your toddler’s living space.

Moreover, the convertible Supportive Serta deep foam seats provide a comfortable napping bed, play area, reading nook, couch fort, pirate ship — whatever your child imagines it to be. In fact, this sofa bed has enough room for two, so you can invite over playdates and not worry about mates, or perhaps siblings, fighting for space.

Since these are kids we are talking about, the company has equipped this miniature sofa bed with a non-slip bottom for extra safety. After all, we have a strong feeling that the kids will be lugging around this lightweight and portable piece from room to room.

And in case of any bathroom-related accidents or spills, you can conveniently zip off the slipcover and throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

What's more, these small sofas are shipped in even tinier boxes, and the product continues expanding for about 24 hours once opened. Once set-up, it will measures 30” x 17” x 15” and 30” x 40” x 12” when flipped open.

  • Sofa beds for kids
  • Attractive design with embossed slipcover
  • Thick foam seats
  • The slipcover is soft and machine-washable
  • Side pocket for books and toys
  • A tad difficult to assemble
  • Needs frequent readjusting

3. Brosa Austin Full Sleeper Modular Sofa - Best Corner Sofa Bed

If you’re looking for a sectional that turns into a bed, check out this chic corner sofa bed from Brosa that will fit like a glove in any contemporary space. Available in three classic colours ranging from light grey or Ecru to a dark Gull Grey, the primary material used in constructing this sofa bed is polyester.

In fact, you can head on to the website to view the fabric or order a free sample swatch before making a decision.

Nevertheless, this modern sofa bed design packs a punch in both versatility and functionality. That said, it is a modular 3-seater sofa bed that you can arrange in various ways; the flexible chaise piece can be mounted in left or right-facing combinations.

As a final step, use the clips to secure the chaise in place and enjoy lounging on the comfy foam mattress. In case you need a larger bed, the practical design allows you to convert this sofa into a comfortable bed with the pull of a handle.

And just as a bonus, you can lift the lounge seat cushion to reveal extra storage space for pillows, blankets, or whatever else you please.

Other sofa bed features include stainless steel legs and a solid larch frame for increased durability. The seating dimensions are 46'' X 204'' X 53'', which go up to 46''X 204'' X 141'' when the mattress is pulled out. Rest assured, this sofa bed can easily accommodate two adults at a time.

  • Modern and sophisticated design
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Extra storage under the chaise
  • It can accommodate two adult sleepers
  • Paid delivery

4. Koala Sofa Bed - Best Sofa Bed For Everyday Use

Known primarily for its range of comfortable koala mattresses, Koala brings its expertise and commitment to comfort in the ingeniously designed Koala Sofa Bed. And that’s not all it brings; just like its signature bed-in-a-box mattresses, this sofa comes in vacuum-compressed flat-pack boxes that come to life like a jack-in-the-box.

Indeed, the entire piece can be assembled in about 15 minutes and switched from bed to sofa and vice-versa in seconds.

All you have to do is put the screws in place and attach the blue connector provided by the manufacturer. And voila — you have a fantastic furniture piece that doubles up as an extra bed for overnight guests.

What’s more, the sofa bed is available in four colours — you can pick between the classic Lunar Grey and Flat White or go for more regal hues, such as Trackie Dack and Bass Straight. In addition, buyers may choose between three varying size options.

That said, the largest model is a queen sofa bed with a seating capacity of three that can comfortably accommodate two adult sleepers. When opened, the Koala queen-sized bed should measure 83.5” X 153.5” X 101”. Your other options are a 2.5-seater double bed with the dimensions 83.5” X 138” X 219.2”, and a 1.5-seater single sofa bed with the dimensions 83.5” X 92” X 219.2”.

Still sceptical about buying from an online store? This Koala sofa bed comes with the company’s guaranteed 120-night trial and free Australia-wide shipping. In fact, if you reside in a metro, the company may even deliver the product within four hours.

  • Available in four attractive colours
  • Available in three sizes
  • 120-night free trial
  • Five-year warranty
  • Relatively Expensive

5. Brosa Maki Sofa Bed - Best Single Sofa Bed

Looking for the best sofa bed on a budget? The Maki Sofa Bed from Brosa might just be what you need. Available in Dark Gull Grey, Denim Blue, and Burnt Orange, this sleek Japanese-inspired piece will add a modern touch to any home or office.

Spanning about 120cm in width, this compact piece is optimised for small spaces. That said, it is the perfect addition for your small apartment or office if you work late nights often.

In fact, a reviewer mentioned how the Maki Sofa Bed serves as a convenient piece for the nursery, doubling up as an extra sleeping space for a visiting relative. Anyhow, if you need any styling ideas for this versatile piece, the website has a catalogue of curated items to complement the sofa bed.

Considering how the Maki sofa bed is well-suited for those restrained by limited space, it can accommodate one adult at a time. However, the manufacturer states that the mattress, which stands on solid beech, can carry a weight of up to 150kgs.

Needless to say, the sofa bed is durable and will stand the test of time even with everyday use. As for the softness level, the brand rates it as “Snug” in its softness scale. This lies between “Plush” and “Supportive”, which means it leans more towards the softer side with a touch of firmness.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Minimalist and elegant style
  • Easy to assemble
  • Budget-friendly
  • It can only accommodate one sleeper

6. Living Styles Mardi Fabric Sofa - Best Sofa Bed For Extra Storage Space

Bring home an aura of luxury with the Mardi Fabric Sofa that boasts elegant tufted sofa cushions in a classic light-grey hue. The look is complete with a foam mattress for comfort, and a solid timber and plywood structure for added durability.

As you would expect, the corner sofa bed comes with separate ottomans, which can be interchanged and arranged on either side of the 3-seater model. Considering how the dimensions of this piece are 230” X 157” X 90”, the chaise running along its width opens up to reveal ample storage space for bedding essentials.

And despite its appearance, build, and additional perks, the sleeper modular sofa won’t break the bank. In fact, buyers who are eligible for in-site discounts may get this piece for the price of much smaller options.

However, keep in mind that this sofa bed comes with a tricky warranty card. That said, there is a five-year warranty only on the frame. On the other hand, the foam and springs have a warranty period of three years, and other components, including fabric and stitching, come with a one-year warranty.

  • Affordable sofa bed
  • Elegant upholstery and light-grey fabric
  • 3-seater sofa bed
  • Spacious built-in storage space
  • Not eligible for 14-day returns

7. Bragi Chaise Sofa Bed With Arms - Best Sofa Bed For Comfort

Live life king-size with the Bragi Chaise sofa bed that blends modern living with a touch of homeliness. This mid-century style model is available in an inviting soft Mustard Flower hue that brings joy and warmth into any room.

That said, it is an excellent statement piece that you can place in the centre of the living area. At the same time, the sofa bed is equipped with a premium mattress system that lends it comfort like no other. In fact, you may go ahead and attach the headrest for the ultimate king-living experience while watching TV or reading a book.

Come bedtime, and you won’t want to leave your seat. And you probably don’t even have to; the sofa smoothly reclines to become a 228''X 38''X 200'' bed spacious enough for two adults.

  • Durable
  • Premium mattress system for comfort
  • Optional headrest
  • Next-day delivery
  • Bulky

Final Words

A single sofa bed that exemplifies simplicity at its best, or a bigger option that doubles up as a comfy double bed – our list has it all. Or perhaps, are you looking for a sofa bed that will get the kids excited for naptime?

Regardless, with so many fantastic options available, you are bound to find one that fits your needs in our carefully curated list. That said, why sit on the fence when you can sit on a sofa or bed – or perhaps both?