Emma Foam Pillow (best all-rounder)

The perfect pillow for you! It’s a bold claim because everyone likes different things. However, with Emma’s Foam pillow you can adjust the layers to fit your sleeping needs. This ergonomic benefit will help get your head in the perfect position and properly align your spine for a comfortable and supportive sleep.

Furthermore, it’s not about getting the perfect height, there are different foams and materials.

  • ZeroGravity foam gives weightless comfort.
  • HRX Supreme Foam offers more solid support. 
  • Airgocell® foam is soft, ultra-breathable, and moisture-wicking.
  • UltraDry cover encases everything and keeps you comfortably cool all night.

To top it off, the foams are all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, the cover is removable and washable. Plus it’s competitively priced considering the jam-packed features the foam pillow boasts.

Emma Microfiber Pillow (best microfiber)

Fluffy & cuddly is how you would describe the Emma microfiber pillow. The best thing is that you still get excellent support and comfort because there are two layers of cushions made of micro-elastic material inside the padded cover.

Emma's microfiber pillow has a no-shift design, so you'll find it keeps its loftiness throughout the night. It's designed to be the perfect pillow for you because it's fully adjustable. This means you can alter the layers to get the necessary neck support without sacrificing too much fluffiness.

Lastly, it's washable! Unlike regular foam or cotton pillows, the microfiber pillow from Emma can withstand the washing machine.

Downtime Bamboo Pillow (best for summer nights and allergies)

Australia Bamboo pillow

Downtime bamboo pillow has a polyester core surrounded by bamboo. This combination gives excellent comfort and is very breathable. The downtime bamboo fibres are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable, and helps naturally regulate temperature.

This pillow is excellent all year round, especially for summer nights, and allergy suffers. As a bonus, it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Save Soft (best pillow for neck pain)

Best Pillow for Neck Pain Australia

Are you waking up with back pain, neck pain, frequent headaches? Then make sure you see a doctor. However, this a chiropractic pillow and from customer reviews has been known to stop neck aches and pains. A lot of pillows have as much support as a paper towel, they go flat fast. The Save&Soft cervical pillow stays firm and comfortable for months.

The Save and Soft pillow is made from memory foam with cooling gel to keep it breathable and avoid leaving you with a sweaty face in the night.

The cover is bamboo which is infused with soothing Aloe Vera giving excellent natural anti-bacterial properties and cooling properties.

MiniJumbuk (best combination)

Best latex pillow

MiniJumbuk has a latex core which lets your head sink into the pillow while still being able to bounce back into shape. It's available in a low or high profile to suit your sleeping needs.

The cover around the latex is natural wool that is designed to keep your face dry and comfortable while you sleep soundly. The wool is breathable and is great for warm nights.

Peacelily latex pillow (best latex)

Peacelily’s latex pillow is 100% Natural Latex foam that’s GOTS Certified and has a 100% Organic Cotton zip cover. This is no synthetic latex, or polyurethane, and memory foam which can cause off-gassing. One thing to note is that latex is firmer than a feather pillow, so this could be great news for you if you want something that stops your head from touching the mattress when you sleep. This would also be the best pillow for reading in bed as it’s comfortable but is firmer for a variety of positions.

In addition to the quality and comfort, you also get free shipping, a one-year warranty, and a 100-night sleep trial.

Among all pillow products available for purchase anywhere in the world, it’s one of the healthiest, allergen-free, and chemical-free pillows available at any price.