Ergoflex mattress (Best for bad backs)

The Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress is the original mattress in a box company. They use premium quality foams providing excellent support and have stud the test of time.

Ergoflex has the highest reviews out of all the mattress in a box companies in Australia with most of them being 5 star (over 3,000).

It's excellent for back pain with orthopaedic pressure relief and uses hospital-grade materials.

Koala Mattress

Next to Emma, Koala is also one of the most popular choices for many Australians. The reason being its ‘Kloudcell’ which is a support foam that allows airspace inside the foam. This breathable foam is ideal for the Aussie summer because of its heat-retaining design. We all know how hot summer gets, and sometimes it can be sweltering to even lie down on our beds. You can get all materials organically produced from Australia itself. Some parts of their proceeds go to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) for koala preservation by purchasing a mattress, like its brand name. 

Hugo mattress

The Hugo mattress has excellent support and comfort without feeling 'too-firm' with a design that is excellent for all body types and sleeping positions. Hugo offers 4 layers of foam instead of the traditional 3 layers most mattress offer. Giving it a great medium feel and still giving excellent comfort.

Hugo is made in Australia and offers same-day delivery to some locations. If you want slightly higher quality than a regular 3 layer mattress, then Hugo is for you.


The Sommuto mattress is Australian made with high-quality materials providing support will embracing your bodies curves. The gel-infused memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density foam gives a balanced, supportive feel. The combination also allows airflow to come through the mattress, helping you to stop from overheating.

Onebed mattress

Onebed is an all-foam mattress with extra spring than most mattresses. The top latex layer gives the bounce combing with the other layers to provide spinal support and give you an embrace. With the queen mattress costing $1050 it's still competitive with the other brands.

Onebed has a no-strings-attached return and refund policy with 125 night trial period.

624 Mattress

Are you looking for a memory foam mattress that you can customise the firmness? Then the 624 mattress ticks a lot the box. They also offer free sheets and pillows. The 624 mattress has adjustable firmness that lets you change the firmness to get the comfort just how you like it.

624 Australia offers a greatly extended trial period and long warranty with fast, free delivery. This mattress is excellent for people wanting a featured-packed mattress with adjustable firmness and low pricing.

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