While being tall has its own perks, there are certain disadvantages as well — especially when you’re trying to find a suitable mattress!

After all, none of us would like to compromise on our sleep as it’s the fuel that prepares us for the day. Note that the average mattress on the market may not be longer than 188cm, meaning it won’t be ideal for someone over 6 feet. 

Also, its thickness or height may not be apt to keep them comfortable. And on top of that, the durability of the material, support, and overall design are factors that can’t be ignored when buying a mattress. 

When you consider all these factors and many others, zeroing in on the right mattress for tall folks can seem tricky. That’s why we’ve curated this extensive review-based guide to help you out. 

The 4 Best Mattress For Tall People In Australia

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

We start with this much-loved mattress that comes with 25-cm thick memory foam to facilitate perfect alignment and keep you comfortable throughout the night. Tall people will find its height to be fairly suitable as the bed is comfortable enough to sit or jump off while preventing back pain. 

Moving on, the mattress comprises two foam layers, viz. Airgocell and HRX foam that quickly adapts to the body to distribute your weight uniformly. Such a composition helps provide the ultimate pressure relief, producing therapeutic effects on those suffering from multiple back issues. It also has a Fresh Air cover that prevents the mattress from sliding and regulates humidity efficiently. 


This Emma mattress might not offer consistent motion isolation throughout, so you may feel slight disturbances when your partner moves in their sleep. 


The firm yet comfortable design of this mattress is what makes it stand out from other competitors. Considering the combination of materials used, like the polyether and point-elastic foam layers, rest assured that you’ll get an enriching sleep through the night.

2. Delta Sleep Mattress

Next up is another premium-quality option that’s made with a breathable Tencel cover and high-quality materials to provide a hygienic sleeping environment. Speaking of its dimensions, the King mattress, King Single, and Queen variants measure 203cm long, which makes them ideal for people with heights between 6’1” and 6’5”. Even the thickness is at par with standard mattresses, ensuring tall people can use this mattress comfortably. 

Adding to its efficiency is the use of a foam that’s more porous than the conventional variety, which ultimately keeps the body cool while you’re asleep. Also, the mattress brand utilises antimicrobial treatments to keep it safe for all sleepers, meaning you can rule out the chances of the material degrading in the long run. Last but not least, the mattress is designed to be 100% sag-free throughout. 


It doesn’t come with holding straps, so it might move slightly while you toss and turn in your sleep. 


The highlight of the Delta Sleep mattress is the application of adaptive comfort technology in the form of ultra-porous foam, which ensures efficient temperature regulation. You get the ideal warmth during winter and a cool sleep during summer with its Intellicool technology.

3. Koala Soul Mate Mattress

This Koala mattress is one of the top-rated hybrid mattresses in Australia and provides sleepers with a distinct feel compared to a regular hybrid mattress. It combines high-quality foam with durable springs, which reduces motion transfer while still providing the desired bounce. And the mattress thickness of 33cm is an added advantage for tall people as it helps maintain the comfort level in low-height beds. 

Notably, the foam is a five-zone adaptive variety that relieves pressure on the key areas of your body, including the shoulders, hips, neck, and back. Other additions include bamboo charcoal and a flippable external Kloudcell layer, which help regulate the body temperature and let you adjust the firmness as per your needs. 


The mattress is available in only queen, double, and king sizes, so taller people may not get the desired variety in terms of length. 


Providing the ideal adaptive support and adjustable firmness, this ultra-thick mattress takes comfort and convenience to another level. It even promotes consistent airflow and comes with super-supportive edges to rule out chances of sliding off the bed, as with ordinary memory foam mattresses.

4. Zinus Hybrid Chiro Queen Mattress

Before we end our list, we’d like to talk about this 3-zone hybrid queen mattress that comes with individually wrapped coils to offer localised bounce in several zones. It can also adapt well to any body shape, weight, and size, thanks to the adaptive support technology incorporated in the coils. Plus, the use of Graphite Memory foam promotes efficient heat dissipation to rule out any discomfort during summer. 

Zinus offers two variants of different thicknesses, viz. the Hybrid and Hybrid Deluxe, allowing you to choose the suitable option as per your bed height and other preferences. It even delivers a relaxing light-as-air feel while offering firm support deep down so that you can enjoy a refreshing and restorative sleep throughout. 


You might get a faint chemical smell from the mattress for the first few days of use. 


The combination of independent coils, graphite memory foam, and superior foam edge support gives sleepers the right firmness and support. At the same time, they won’t experience any sinking feeling as the shoulders and hips mould perfectly with the foam, thereby reducing back and shoulder pain substantially.


Q1. What are the key factors to consider while buying a mattress for a tall person? 

The mattress thickness and length are the key factors to consider when you’re picking an option for tall people. 

After all, the average mattress may not always be comfortable for tall people to sit or lie down. While sitting on a thinner mattress, they will have to move the knees slightly above the hips. Likewise, when they’re sleeping on a shorter mattress, the feet will tend to hang off the bed. 

And that is, of course, the last thing you’d want. So, you should check whether the thickness and length of the mattress are compatible with your height before zeroing in on an option. 

A mattress should ideally be at least 203cm long so that people up to 6’5” tall can lie down on them comfortably. Side by side, it should be at least 25cm thick, which is a decent mattress height for tall people. 

Q2. What are the different types of mattresses available out there? 

Primarily, there are four different types of mattresses available on the market - hybrid, memory foam, latex, and innerspring. Let’s take a brief look at each type:

A. Hybrid 

These mattresses comprise several layers of spring and foam and work equally well for all sleepers. While they feature pocket coils to support the pressure points on the spine adequately, they also offer a bouncy feel to help restless people change positions easily. Speaking of the foam layers added on top, they provide adequate comfort and breathability to ensure deep sleep every time. 

B. Memory Foam

Undoubtedly the most popular variety, the memory foam mattress, has an all-foam composition and uses memory foam for some of its layers. Its design responds quickly to the shape, weight, and temperature of the body to lend a hugging feel that all sleepers love. 

At the same time, it’s incredibly supportive and offers a cradling surface structured to relieve all the pressure points. This ensures you wake up pain-free and refreshed after a deep and restful slumber. Last but not least, such a mattress offers excellent motion isolation, which makes it especially beneficial for couples. 

C. Latex

A latex mattress is naturally elastic, which is the main reason for its popularity among sleepers who prefer bouncy and responsive mattresses. Though it doesn’t come with pressure-relieving properties like that of memory foam, it does help alleviate pressure points and align the spine to a certain extent. Plus, latex mattresses come with perforated holes, which are perfect for providing a cool sleep during summer. 

D. Innerspring

This is the most traditional and affordable type and features an intertwined spring layer that retains its form over years of use. There are thin foam layers on either side of the spring layer that provide the necessary comfort throughout. But keep in mind that you won’t get much body support or the desired motion isolation with an innerspring mattress. 

Q3. How are traditional springs different from pocket springs? 

The most fundamental difference between traditional and pocket coil springs lies in the way they’re positioned in the mattress. While traditional coils are connected by a perimeter wire running around the edge of the mattress, pocket spring coils are stitched to the innermost layer. 

Thus, the latter aren’t actually connected to one another and don’t transfer movements as with old spring systems. These individually wrapped springs also make it easy for manufacturers to use different thicknesses and gauges of coils to form an even more supportive structure. This way, such pocketed coils can meet the requirements of different sleepers. 

Q4. Does the bed frame have any effect on the mattress quality? 

As the mattresses of today evolve with more layers and heavier materials, sturdy frames have become more essential than ever. Remember that a weaker bed frame could cause the mattress to sag or be unstable, so much so that you may need to prematurely replace it. 

When you select a good-quality bed frame, it reduces the odds of having to replace the frame any time soon and ultimately saves you considerable money. 

Q5. Should you have the bed low or high? 

While lower beds create the illusion of more space, taller ones appear more cohesive in rooms with lofty ceilings. You’ll need to choose the bed height based on your room design. But in the case of taller people, the ease of use is also a major factor, as beds that are too low can be inconvenient for sitting or jumping off. 

Q6. How does the firmness of a mattress in a box affect its comfort level?

First of all, the firmness of a mattress is more of a subjective factor as people have different preferences in this regard based on their sleeping needs. 

Most of the mattresses available right now are medium-firm, which the majority of sleepers will find ideal. But petite and side sleepers will find softer beds to be more comfortable as they come with greater cushioning. On the other hand, front and heavy sleepers might need an even firmer mattress as that will provide adequate support to their lower belly and lower back. 

Q7. Is it possible to flip hybrid mattresses? 

No, you can’t flip hybrid mattresses as these consist of a comfort layer on the top, a transition later, and a spring base. Flipping them will affect their durability and comfort. 

It’s best to rotate a hybrid mattress every 3 months or 6 months if you’re sharing it. This will ensure it’s adequately comfortable as it won’t be affected by your sleeping position. 

Q8. What makes hybrid mattresses more costly? 

The higher cost of hybrid mattresses is due to their spring manufacturing and construction. They tend to be more long-lasting, which makes it possible to derive more out of them, but they'll need greater upfront investment. 


So, that was all about the best mattresses to consider for a tall person. Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, you can rest assured that all the options reviewed above would provide comfortable and sound sleep every time. 

Since your choice primarily has to do with personal preferences, make sure you consider the vital needs, such as the material type, customisation, budget, etc. In case you’re still not able to make a choice, we’d advise going through the FAQ section once more for better clarity on the various factors at play. 

It’s now time for us to sign off, but we’ll be back soon with more review-based guides. Till then, take care!