5 Best Mattresses For Heavy People In Australia

1. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam and Pocket String Hybrid

Kickstarting our list, we have a super comfy hybrid mattress from Europe's most awarded mattress brand, Emma. The brand has won customers' hearts worldwide for its top-quality, durable, comfortable, and ergonomic products. It's not just us; the customer reviews and the award-winning spree of the brand speak for themselves.

This German-designed mattress is designed by a team of expert engineers and neuroscientists and is brought to the market after a chain of rigorous tests. Since neuroscientists are involved, we can confidently say the product is curated by paying special attention to bodily needs.

While you sleep, a lot goes into your body and subconscious mind, and that's why being in a comfortable position all through the night is of utmost importance. And Emma Diamond takes care of that with its high-density foam layer, which not only supports your body while you doze but also provides the perfect temperature for a restful sleep.

Let's elaborate a little on that temperature regulation bit. You know how in summers, the mattress feels like a pit of boiling quicksand and makes it near impossible to rest comfortably. That won't happen with the Emma Diamond mattress, owing to its graphite dust coating.

The dust layer keeps the temperature down in the hot season while taking it up a notch in the colder months. And don't worry, the mattress isn't actually "dusty" or something because the graphite dust is infused in the memory foam and doesn't have any physical implications.

Moreover, its dynamic combination of pocket springs and memory foam are the core qualities that make this one stand out from the other mattresses. A pocket spring mattress takes comfort to a level that pure memory foam could never.

The springs mould the surface of the mattress according to your body shape, and for this very reason, Emma Diamond is a competent choice for both stomach sleepers and side sleepers.


  • Available in five sizes
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • A hybrid mattress with dense foam and pocket springs
  • Firm support for stomach and side sleepers


  • Dimensionally smaller as compared to the other options

2. The Eva Mattress - Best Firm Mattress

Next, we have the best mattress in the "bed in a box" category, the Eva mattress. With the feathery comfort of memory foam, this mattress also has the firm support of pocket strings, making it ideal for accommodating all your sleeping positions.

Honestly, heavy people face quite a bit of difficulty on normal mattresses when it comes to switching their sleeping positions or even while sitting.  If it's a soft mattress, then you are pushed down deep into it, and if it's a hard one, you'll likely experience some back and hip pain.

To work through this dilemma, a hybrid mattress with a medium-firm is your best bet. It has support layers that ensure restful sleep for back sleepers, relieving any kind of pain in the joints. Furthermore, the memory foam infused with individually wrapped coils of pocket strings is the best combination to exist.

What's more, the excellent product comes with a warranty of twelve long years, which will pay back its money's worth. It's durable to the point that you're more likely to get bored of it rather than replace it due to damage or degradation. But if you develop an attachment to your possessions and like keeping them around for as long as possible, then this one is an absolute keeper.

Just like Emma Diamond, the Eva mattress also comes in five different sizes: single, king single, double, queen, and king (you can check out the website for their respective dimensions). Lastly, the icing on the cake is that the company promises free next-day metro delivery and gives you the leisure to try it out for 120 days.


  • Adaptable to all body types
  • No allergens or health hazards
  • Minimal partner disturbance
  • Plush cloud-like comfort


  • Quite heavy on the wallet

3.  The Luxe Mattress - Best Coil Technology And Latex Mattress

Completely crafted out of eco-friendly materials, the Luxe mattress features the latest and premium innovations in individually wrapped coils technology. In fact, it has multiple layers, each having a specialisation that contributes to the commendable overall performance of the product. Fun fact: each of the layers is REACH certified and tested out by experts in the field. Let's discuss them in detail.

Before moving on to the mattress core, we'll tell you about the external structure, which is composed of a fabric cover. The cover is made out of a Tencel poly-knit hand-tufted fabric that survives wear-tear and roughhousing to a great extent.  

Next, there are three main layers in the mattress core where all the action happens: memory foam, latex, and coil. The outermost layer consists of gel-infused memory foam that exudes coolness and keeps the temperature in check, ensuring the mattress doesn't get unbearably warm at any given time.

Furthermore, there's a layer of natural latex right below the gel one, comprising certified natural bamboo charcoal. The latex keeps the mattress firm allowing only those areas of your body to sink that exert more reaction pressure, as opposed to your whole body while sleeping.

Three centimetres long responsive micro-coils constitute the lowermost layer, giving a bouncing back effect to the mattress for maximum support. These springs are the gamechanger, making sure that all the layers coordinate well and stay at their respective places when a lot of pressure is put on the surface.

But their primary function is to help the mattress retract to its original position when the weight on the upper surface keeps changing.

Additionally, the layers are bound together using a water-based adhesive that'll keep you cool by reducing the intralayer body heat retention. The mattress materials emit negligible Volatile Organic Compounds, maintaining the indoor quality in the healthiest range.


  • Value for money
  • Breathable Tencel pillow top
  • Ergonomic comfort targeted at shoulders, waist, and lower back
  • Eco-friendly composition


  • Can take up to ten business days for delivery

4. Macoda Mattress - With The Best Edge Support

The Macoda Mattress has all the layers which we have discussed so far, but it shines brighter than others because of its extra edge support, provided by the five-zone pocket spring foundation. Engineered for luxury and relaxation, this one provides hybrid comfort with responsive cushioning.

It lies more towards the thicker mattress range, which mimics the elegance and extravagance of a hotel mattress. We're all guilty of having a good bounce on the plush bed of a deluxe suite, right! How amazing would it be if you could bring that kind of enjoyment to your home?

Any other mattress runs the risk of sagging and losing its freshness due to various factors like humidity, dust and temperature fluctuations over a period of time, but not this one. The product is composed of mattress materials like soft and silky bamboo and other fibres that wick the atmospheric moisture and ensure freshness all year long.

Moreover, this hybrid mattress doesn't lag behind on the quality front either and combines durable pocket springs with foam. Pocket springs are many levels up from the other mattresses with traditional springs. As the brand promises, you can bring the bounce back into your bedroom with the Macoda mattress.


  • Specialised pressure relief
  • Five-zone support system
  • Customisable as per your needs
  • Added edge support


  • More on the expensive side

5. Zinus King Mattress - With Cooling Gel Memory Foam

We'll deliver one of our final shots with the easily adaptable and restorative Zinus King mattress. We're exclusively calling this one easily adaptive because, thanks to the cooling gel memory foam, it dynamically responds to your body's temperature change while you snooze. Want to know how that happens? Read on then.

The mattress is specially designed with polymer fabric that regulates excessive moisture by triggering evaporation. This, in turn, relays a cooling effect on the surface, giving you a comfy and cold mattress to relax on.

However, Zinus King falls one step behind the other A-grade products on our list, given it has only a three-zone design. If you're getting the option to enjoy a five-zone support system, it's only natural if three-zone wouldn't seem much appealing. In case you're running on a tight budget, then we'll definitely recommend this one.


  • Comes with a warranty of ten years
  • Gel foam that helps in regulating body heat
  • Resists rolling off and sagging
  • Graphite foam and tempered steel coils
  • Pocket-friendly option


  • Only three-zone design
  • Pretty thick, will need special large-sized bed covers


1. What Is The Best Mattress For A Heavy Person In Australia?

That's what the whole list is about! All the products are best in their own specialisations; for example, we'll suggest the Eva mattress if you're on a hunt for "a bed in a box," but we'll rule in favour of the Luxe mattress if you want the best-layered support.

2. Are Pocket Springs Better Than A High-Density Foam Mattress?

Yes absolutely! As we discussed above, mattresses with pocket springs are far superior to those that only have a high-density foam or plain memory one. Memory foam and latex layers are good, but nothing can really replace the need for the springs, and you must remember that as a rule of thumb.

3. Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Heavy People?

We'll say a medium-firm mattress is the best for heavy people as it offers the right amount of support and balances all the other elements. It won't let you sink too deep into the surface, allowing a good range of motion and scope for changing positions.

At the same time, it will prevent backaches and muscle soreness caused by a rigid and extra firm mattress. It's very important to strike the right balance when it comes to surface support and firmness, and we suggest playing it safe with a medium mattress.  


That was all about our guide on the five best mattresses for heavy people, which are not only loved in Australia but are very well-received by customers internationally. Before signing off, we'll further streamline our review to the best three picks, so you don't face any confusion while purchasing.

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is the best-selling mattress online, which has a combination of pocket springs and foam mattresses. It's a mattress of medium firmness and the most comfortable choice for a heavy person.

Furthermore, the Luxe and Eva closely follow Emma Diamond for their perfectly firm support and coil technology. That'll be all mates, and we hope our guide will help you make a prudent choice.

Happy shopping! Take care.