Best Place to Buy a Mattress in Sydney


November 9, 2021

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Are you looking for a mattress shop in Sydney? Well, look no further because this article will provide you with detailed information on where you can buy a mattress. 

Forty Winks is hard to beat when it comes to mattress shopping at a retailer store. It is Australia's largest retailer, offering mattresses from several Australian and international brands. It has 100 stores open across the country and offers one of the largest collections of beddings and mattresses.

If the options below don't work for you, check out our Koala mattress review.

Top 3 Mattress Stores

Forty Winks

Since its inception in the 80s, Forty Winks has been a reliable, independent Australian-owned store. In addition to mattresses, Forty Winks offers bedding and bedroom furniture, including beds, bedside tables, dressers, and mirrors. Fort Wink stores are widespread across Sydney, so you can always find one in your neighbourhood.

Also available from Forty Winks are bed-in-a-box mattresses, which are memory foam mattresses in a compact box. Mattresses like these are convenient when you don't want to go to the store and don't want the hassle of transporting a mattress. You won’t find the famous brands, but it's great they are starting to have a more convenient option. 

Forty Winks also offers an in-store sleep expert service. Experts can help you choose a mattress that fits your sleeping habits. Additionally, they can teach you how to get a better night's sleep.


Established in 2012, Ausbeds is an up-and-coming mattress retailer. It is an independent establishment having its centre at Marrickville. Ausbeds is famous for its high-quality mattresses that are priced below $1000. 

Ausbeds handle everything from manufacturing to delivery; they do all of it themselves. Additionally, they provide free delivery within a 100km radius of Marrickville. Ausbeds also offers a 7-day return policy and a 5- to the 10-year warranty on their mattresses.

Rockdale Mattress Factory

The Rockdale Mattress Factory was founded in 1932 and is family-owned. The company specialises in wool, latex, and spring mattresses, as well as custom-made mattresses.

Rockdale offers custom mattresses, allowing you to recreate a brand name mattress of your choice from their counterpart models. The best thing about Rockdale is that you can get your products at factory prices. Mattresses can be customised to meet your needs since they are custom made. Mattresses from Rockdale are also delivered for free throughout Sydney.

This guide has hopefully provided you with enough information to choose a mattress store in Sydney. The given stores are all different, so make sure you check each one correctly to see what they have to offer.