How to Choose a Doona


June 16, 2021

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Have you thought about how to choose a doona? We're glad you found us. It will help you choose a good quilt without wondering which one to choose as we will explain in detail what makes a good doona for every season. We will also cover:

  • Best microfibre quilt
  • Best quilt material
  • Best summer doona
  • Best quilt for winter
  • Best quilt brand

Are you having a problem choosing the right doona?

For a restful sleep, choose a doona that meets your weight and material needs for warmth. The thickness of a product does not guarantee that it will be warm or cool. Therefore, check the Tog and also decide whether it's for winter or summer.

Best microfibre quilt

This Linenspa All-Season Alternative Quilted Comforter is our top choice because this quilt is usable for all seasons. This microfiber quilted comforter has eight built-in side loops around the corners to secure your duvet cover. In addition, it features a reversible colour design and has ultra-soft fabric with a 300 GSM microfiber fill that is very light and provides comfort.

Also, it is hypoallergenic, which can be used all year round without allergies and its box stitch designs keep the quilt fluffy.

Want to know which type of quilt will suit you best? Knowing their difference can help you choose a suitable quilt depending on their weight, warmth, and material.

Wool vs microfiber quilt

What's the difference between wool and a microfiber quilt? Wool quilts are a natural fibre, hypoallergenic, fire-resistant, etc. They usually have a warm layer and are suitably adjustable for both summer and winter. In addition, wool quilts are breathable and can be bulkier than other fibres, which provides an even more comfortable, cozy sleep. Wool quilts can also soak up the moisture from the body and is odour resistant.

On the other hand, microfiber is a synthetic material. It is a better hypoallergenic quality that is warm, lightweight, and soft. The microfiber quilt is perfectly suitable for summer and people who have allergies. It is quick-drying and can be an alternative to feeling feather and down fibre.

This detailed video on YouTube explains the difference between wool and microfiber.

Wool vs duck down quilt

Unlike wool quilts made from natural fibres, duck down quilts are made from light soft feathers around the belly of ducks found underneath the tough feathers. Wool quilts are heavy, but duck down quilts are more lightweight, creating a perfect choice preferred by more people. In addition, on cold winter days, it provides excellent warmth.

But on the contrary, it retains odours because of the insulation and requires extra care. A duck down is not only expensive, but it is also not hypoallergenic, which might not be a good choice for people with sensitive skin or those who have allergies or have asthma.

Wool vs feather quilt

As said before, wools are quite bulkier than feather or down quilts, but their natural fibre helps in absorbing excess moisture in the body. On the other hand, a feather quilt from the feathers on the outer part of the duck or goose. The feather quilt is very soft but is heavier when compared to the down quilt, and it provides more warmth and extra support during sleep in winter.

Feather or down quilts are not hypoallergenic. And, since they produce more humidity than wool, it can be a breeding ground for dust mites, making it uncomfortable for people with allergies.

If you're confused about the down and feather quilt, this video can help you to understand.

Best quilt material

It's wool. Why? It's because not only is it made from a natural source, but it also regulates according to the body temperature keeping you relaxed and comfortable throughout the weather. Wool quits are highly breathable and perfectly suitable for any season. People with sensitive skin or allergies can be at ease because it keeps away bacteria, allergens, and dust mites.

Wool quilts are also very easy to maintain and clean, machine washable, and they are long-lasting. Made from natural fibre, it's biodegradable and naturally hypoallergenic.

According to a study by the University in Sydney, wool can help a person sleep better and improve sleep by 25%.

But some people prefer lightweight quilts rather than bulky wool quilts. So, in this case, a microfibre quilt is a great option made from synthetic fibre and is hypoallergenic.

Best summer doona

This 200GSM Microfibre doona from LUXOR is our best pick for summer because it is very light and fluffy, making it perfect for warmer days. It also has a skin-friendly microfiber cover that prevents mould and dust mite, while its fibre gives comfort and breathability.

In addition, it has a bamboo microfiber blend which provides hygienic and odour-free comfort while sleeping. And the square stitching around the quilt locks in warmth all night long. It is machine washable.

Best quilt for winter

This Australian Merino 700GSM Wool Quilt from Giselle bedding is our choice for winter because it comes with a 100% cotton cover and 100% American wool filling providing breathability, comfort, and softness. Its square stitching locks in warmth all night long and is Woolmark certified.

This wool quilt, weighing 6.4 kilograms with 700GSM, is one of the warmest doonas suitable for winter. Its double-stitched edges ensure durability, and it's antibacterial and allergy-free. Unfortunately, it is dry clean only.

Best quilt brand

Do you check brands before purchasing a doona? If so, then this section will be helpful for you because we have a list of some famous quilt brands in Australia. And it can help ease your mind to make a better decision.

Here are some best quilt brands in Australia that produce good quilts.


One of the best, Ettitude is an Australian lifestyle brand, but it also supplies globally and is popularly known for its eco-friendly products. They produce 100% organic bamboo products soft as silk and hypoallergenic that comes at an affordable rate free from harmful chemicals.

Ettitude is the first brand globally to produce a 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell fabric and is popularly known for its "vegan silk" from bamboo. Their collection features beddings with varying colours.

Their organic bamboo bedding is sustainable and durable, good for the environment, and most importantly, provides a healthy sleep. Since it's very soft, it is also suitable for skin and hair.

They care for the planet and donates 1% of every sale towards environmental nonprofits.

Ettitude is one brand that you shouldn't miss. You can check out their quilts here.


Bambi is another Australian brand that produces a wide range of bedding products specialising in hand-crafted quilts. One of the leading brands in Australia uses various materials like wool, memory foam, natural plant fibres, alpaca, cotton, polyester, and many more.

Bambi also offers sensitive choice products that are hypoallergenic and is suitable for people with asthma or allergies.

Their quilts are suitable for all seasons, made with natural fibre that adjusts according to the body temperature, easy to care for, and breathable.

They offer a range of products. You can check their products here.


Tontine is also another biggest bedding brand in Australia. Its cotton quilts and pillows, as well as polyester quilts, are popularly known. They also use various materials like 100% Australian wool, feather and down, wool, cotton, bamboo, microfibre, etc.

They provide a durable and sustainable product that helps keep you warm in winter and comfortable in summer. Tontine also features beddings that are allergy-free, providing quality and comfort. In addition, they offer quilts available for all seasons ranging from light to heavyweight, and you can choose depending on your preference.

They also offer kids' collections under Tontine's Junior Bedding Range. You can check their collection here.


Sheridan, an Australian premium brand, is known for its high-quality products. They offer a wide range of products, including babies and kids, with the finest materials suitable for every lifestyle.

Their products are natural and long-lasting, made with raw materials like cotton, Belgian linen flax, Lyocell fibres, etc., that are easy to care for and versatile.

Their materials for quilts include Feather & Down, Polyester, Cotton, and Australian Wool that are breathable, lightweight, and regulate body temperature. In addition, their polyester quilts are antibacterial, an excellent option for people with allergy while their cotton quilts are hypoallergenic.

You can check their products here.

Best wool quilt review

Are you wondering which wool quilt to buy? If you are new to the wide range of products in the market, it can be overwhelming. And so, we have a list of some best wool quilts to make it easier for you to choose.

Herington Australian Cool Wool Summer Quilt 150GSM

As a premium brand offering high-quality products at an affordable price, one of their fantastic quilts for summer comes with 150GSM. This summer quilt from Herington with Australian wool is ideal for summer days and suitable for warm sleepers. It is lightweight and breathable that adjusts to varying temperatures.

This quilt has a cotton cover filled with wool that gives a luxurious feeling. Made with natural materials that regulate the body temperature, it provides a comfortable sleep.

Tontine Super Warm Australian Wool Quilt

As one of the biggest brands known for its cotton and polyester pillow and quilts, its winter quilt comes in Australian wool. This Tontine wool quilt also has a cotton cover filled with wool made organically with cotton and washable wool. This warm quilt is perfect for winter that regulates your body temperature, making it comfortable to have a great sleep.

This wool quilt is made free from harmful chemicals and is antibacterial. It comes in different sizes and is machine washable.

Merino wool quilt 500GSM

Merino wool is known for its unique quality that absorbs bacterial odours keeping you healthy. This 500GSM quilt for winter comes with 100% pure Australian wool that keeps you warm even in the coldest winter, made especially for cold climates. Most suitable if you're a cold sleeper.

It has excellent insulation properties and is hypoallergenic, made free from harsh chemicals. This breathable quilt helps in providing you with good restful sleep. It is dry clean only.

MiniJumbuk Warm Wool Quilt 450GSM

This wool quilt from MiniJumbak comes with natural Australian wool, providing suitable warmth for cold sleepers. Its wool properties naturally regulate the body temperature and provide a good sleep. It is lightweight, breathable, and its wool fibre gives a balanced warmth for all sleepers.

Its treatment from Ultra-Fresh protects against bacteria and dust mites, making it suitable for people with allergies and asthma. Available in various sizes, it is machine washable.

Best doona to buy

The best doona depends on if you're a hot or cold sleeper and which fabric best suits your skin. There are various fabrics available such as feather, down, wool, silk, bamboo, cotton, and microfiber. But they are not suitable for everyone because materials like down, goose, and feather are not ideal for people with allergy, asthma, or sensitive skin as they can trigger the symptoms.

So, if you have sensitive skin, you should check if they have antibacterial properties or are allergy-free to keep you away from bacteria, mould, and dust mites.

To know if you're buying the right doona according to the weather, you should know its GSM(Grams per Square Metre).

  • 150-250 GSM-ideal for the summer season.
  • 250-500GSM-ideal for spring and autumn.
  • 500+GSM-perfect for the winter season.

Lastly, if you're looking for the best doona, the best option is by comparing it with your doona by checking its fabric, warmth, size, durability, and you can easily find your perfect match.